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Some other drum links....

Feel free to post new drum related web links in the forum.

Dancing Hands Music

Drum Journal- The world of hand percussion and drum circles

Yahoo Group: An Tir Drummers Guild

Yahoo Group: FrameDrummers

Yahoo Group: Goblet Drumming

Yahoo Group: house holds of rollingthunder

Yahoo Group: PDX_drum - Portland Oregon Drum Circles

Yahoo Group: SCA-Drummers

Yahoo Group: ShimmyhappensAntir

RhythmWeb - World Rhythm & Music

Shop Yahoo: instruments - Apollosaxes

Brothers Of The Baladi Workshops

Chata Addy

Pulling Diamonds Flip Book

Daveed's Drum Fest

RhythmWeb Doumbek Names

Gift of Africa

Goatskins Shorty's website



The Rotunda Drum

World Rhythm Festival

Ceolas Unstruments Bodhran

Frame Drums